A list of current twitter mutuals who are pokemon trainers. Please note that some of them would prefer no doubles. If you would like to be added to this list, please @ me on twitter!

  • Platinum (@Komugication)
  • Sapphire (@pkspsapphire)
  • Yellow (@Pkspyellow)
  • Tabitha (@ratchetisgay)
  • Maxie (@rsemaxie)
  • Ash (Ratboyash)
  • Archie (Seadoggies)
  • Pearl (@pksppearl)
  • Diamond/Dia (Unknown @)
  • Red (@Ayasaki808)
  • Lysandre (@djderpy)
  • Cyrus (Barghest)
  • Wally (@pkspewally)
  • Green (@scytner)
  • Silver (@wolfcore)
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    poochyena pokemon photo: Poochyena 261.gif